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“Australia” is a small island . This is also known as the land of heaven. This country is full of the best destination places in the world. It is the heart and attraction of millions of tourist. The country is fully covered with landscapes, desserts, and rain-forest. This place is full with beauty and natural things. If you want to travel this continent in this article then we will discuss one of the top places that you cannot afford to miss.  

On the other hand, “New York” is the popular cities not only in the US but all over the planet. As you all know America is the also the hub of the largest flight network in the worldwide. American Flights takes care 24×7 of its passenger with comfortable, and Affordable price. If you are planning to spend your vacations in Australia with your loved ones then this is one of the best and safest flight to Australia from USA for traveling to the destination.



This is the capital of Australia. It has one of the iconic places for the tourist destination. There are millions of international lovers of this city. It is also famous for the name Opera House.

There are 400 different languages spoken in the city. It has popular landmarks and historic forts. The city island of tourism there is many local visitors and tourist visit Sydney. The city also does many types of events which is the major tourist attraction. You can also travel in flight to these places at flexible rates.  flight 

There are plenty of iconic attraction in the city such as

  • Beaches
  • Sydney tower
  • Luna beach.
  • Taronga Zoo

Are you are thinking to visit these place in Affordable budget?

Then, here are some of the Non-Stop flights to Sydney

Flight to Sydney from New York

                      Flights             Cost                   Time Taken             Stops
   Delta  Virgin Australia         ₹ 77,235                  23h 11m              1
Qantas        ₹ 77,489                  22h 35m                1
Delta Virgin Australia       ₹ 77,552                  22h 5m              1
United       ₹ 88,389                 22h 50m               1

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The city founded on 30 August 1835. It is the capital city of Victoria. This is the second largest and the popular city of Australia with 5 million population.

The city is well developed, forward, modern and has the best culture all over the world. If you really want to go to these beautiful cities then you can go on the flight to the very lowest budget.  It is not only famous for buildings, restaurants, bars, shopping, plazas, galleries, theaters, arts but also has some best places to visit such as –

  • Yarra Valley
  • botanic gardens
  • Rock out
  • MCG

flights to Melbourne from New York





   Delta (JFK MEL)


23h 50m


   Air Canada


25h 45m


   American, Qantas


23h 50m


   Qantas    ₹84,16627h 55m




This is the land of queens located in the east-coast of tropical North Queensland. It is ranked as the 5th cities in Australia . the city is famous for agriculture activities such as banana, sugarcane, coffee.

The area is covered with rain-forest which is used as gateway destinations. For holidays this is the favorite spots of the tourist. From Shopping to food, fashion to media this is the place you can explore with the new experience. One can easily afford for the flights to this place. 

Here are the most visited places 

  • Kuranda
  • Daintree
  • Palm Cove
  • Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Flights to Cairns from New York Flights 



Delta,Virgi Australia

₹ 79,483

28h 55m


Cathay Pacific

₹ 81,126

31h 0 m


Qantas ₹ 1,01,423   27h 30m


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Gold Coast

Gold Coast
Gold Coast

This is the city of coastal with the area of 66 km. It is located in the southeast of the state capital Brisbane. The city counted as the Sixth largest in Australia. It is the metropolitan city with 638,090 population. The city covers 414.3 km2 (160.0 sq mi) area.

It is known for the best ever destination city in the world. You can enjoy nightlife view, beach surfing, parks etc. It is the land of entertainment of films and TV productions. If you are looking to go from the flight to this city then you will get the best price. 

There are many fun and free things to do in Gold Coast such as 

  • Warner Bros. Movie World
  • Dreamworld
  • Sky-point Observation Deck
  • Spring brook National Park

You will experience the fun, thrill everything from this city of entertainment. This city will give you a memorable and lifetime experience.

Here are some of the best rate flights to Gold Coast

Qantas₹ 85,92229h 5m2
Delta, Virgin Australia₹ 86,04225h 25m2
Air Canada, Qantas₹ 86,36628h 40m3
Qantas, Jetstar₹ 87,75626h 50m2

Byron Bay

Byron Bay
Byron Bay

This is another very beautiful and attractive town in new south whales Australia which is situated at the beach side of the northern rivers. Some part of the city is located in the north of Sydney with 772 km and the other is on the south of Brisbane with 169 km.

There is a lot more to explore new experience. It is called the home of beaches. The city is also known for shopping, events, food, fashion and for its famous festivals and culture. We have also mentioned below the rates of the flight to Byron Bay.

Let us see some of the attractions of this town

  • Enjoy the view of the sunset from the Byron Bay Lighthouse
  • Learn Surfing Lessons
  • Killen Falls
  • White’s Beach

Don’t miss these top places of the Byron Bay.

Enjoy these places with cheap prices flight to Byron Bay

                                 Flight     Cost    Time Taken     Stops
                               Qantas    ₹ 77,917      22h 15m       1
                  Delta, Virgin Australia    ₹ 79,032     25h 25m       2
       Delta, Virgin Australia operated by Virgin Aust Intl   ₹ 88,609     22h 6m       1


Above, we have discussed the favorite destination places of Australia with Affordable and cheap rates flights. We have only explained about the flight to Australia from New York.

Planning your vacation or holiday these are the reasonable flights to Australia from New York. These are the very comfortable affordable price flights to Australia from New York.

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