France Eiffel Tower, Paris

 (Bienvenue en France tourisme)

la France est la Terre de l’amour (Love Land). It is the populous city in the worldwide. The country holds the population of 67.2 million with the area of  547,000 square kilometers.

France tourism is so popular in the world, especially for  France Eiffel Tower, Paris. This country seduces millions and billions of its tourist every year. If you are looking for more adventurous fun, best foods, trendy fashion, best technologies then this place is all in one package.

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Let us  discuss some of the wow things in France Eiffel tower

France Eiffel Tower which is the heart of France located in Paris city. It is an important landmark in France which indicates beauty. It is the favorite attractive building loved by most of the tourist.

France Eiffel Tower
France Eiffel Tower

Interesting facts

  • In 1889 at the time of opening 250 million visitors visited the tower and today around 7 million people have visited.
  • The France Eiffel Tower was made for temporary.
  • This France Eiffel Tower, Paris has a strong connection with Bollywood.
  • It is the most visited places in the worldwide.
  • The Eiffel tower birthday comes on 31st March.
  • It is illegal to take photographs at night of the tower.
  • You can also climb up the France Eiffel tower by 1,665 steps or either take a lift.
  • It is located in the Champ de Mars in Paris.
  • The height of the tower is 1050 feet and the weight is 10,100 tonnes.
  • This France monument is not designed by  Gustave Eiffel
  • The tower is made up of metal so its height increases in summers.
  • The age of the tower is 132 years.

Eiffel tower at night

la tour Eiffel even looks more attractive and glamorous at night with sparkling lights all over. France has gifted its worldwide tourist the most beautiful landmark to visit.

But the sad part is you cannot take videos or photographs of the tower at night. If you want to see the amazing view of the tower at night when you can gaze from these places

  • SACRE CŒUR top
  • NOTRE DAME top

Enjoy and visit the top of the France Eiffel Tower at night. It sparkles golden light every night and every hour for just five minutes. You can see the amazing view from Place du Trocadero.

Why was the Eiffel tower built?

This is the famous and tallest building in France. It stands for a symbol of national pride. It took 40 years to build this beautiful structure. There are around 8-9 millions of people visited this masterpiece till now.  At last the main reason to made this building is to impress the world.

Eiffel tower cost to build

  • The cost of the tower is 7,799,401.31 francs

Things to do 

  • You can visit le Palais de Chaillot which is the building next to the tower. It is the cultural institution place.
  • To have more fun and the amazing view of beautiful art visit a modern art gallery.
  • Taking an amazing tour in the boat on Seine River
  • It is the top attractive place for shopping
  • Read about fashion history
  • Get lost in the history of Eiffel Tower
  • Enjoy the beautiful view at night of tower
  • You can chill and enjoy at the ground of the tower.
  • In front of the tower, you can also explore the food tour.
  • If you want to take a photo with Eiffel tower then the best timings are in morning.
  • If you want to know about history then you can go to the Roden Museum.

Best restaurants near Eiffel tower


Finally visited the France Eiffel Tower and now hungry and looking for something very delicious and tasty food to eat. Then there are some of the great restaurants with the best view of Eiffel tower that will make “the rest of the day the best of the day” ……

Let us see Meilleur restaurant près de la tour Eiffel

  • Le Bon Gout
  • 20 Eiffel
  • Oh! Regalade de la Tour Eiffel
  • Firmin le Barbier
  • Firmin le Barbier
  • Capriccio Sorrentino

Eiffel tower hours

  • 9:30 am to 11:45 pm

Eiffel tower summit tickets

*The tower is closed from 7th Jan to 1st Feb 2019 because of renovation.

0-4 Age 4-11 Age/ disabled 12-24 AgeAdults
The second floor – lift Free4,10€8,10€16,30€
Top floor – lift Free6,40€12,70€25,50€
Second floor – stairs Free2,50€5,10€10,20€
Top floor – lift and stairs Free4,90€9,70€19,40€

Flights to Paris from Newark

Flight to Paris
Flight to Paris

Looking for best wow price flights to Paris? here you will get the best and affordable price rates within your own budget.

Cheapest time to fly to Paris

Tap air Portugal Airline –  (From Newark Liberty International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport)

  • Time  – 11h 40m
  • Price – ₹ 26,005
  • Stop – 1

Wow airline – (Newark Liberty International Airport to Charles de Gaulle Airport)

  • Time  – 10h 25m
  • Price – 28,385
  • Stop – 1

United Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines (Newark Liberty International Airport to Charles de Gaulle Airport)

  • Time – 7h 15m
  • Price – Nonstop
  • Stop – 33,988

Swiss Airline (Newark Liberty International Airport to Charles de Gaulle Airport )

  • Time – 9h 45m
  • Price –  ₹ 35,152
  • Stop – 1


transport to France Eiffel Tower

Let’s take a look at the transport facility to France Eiffel tower

Metro Route

  • You can take from Line 9 –  (from Pont de Sèvres to Mairie de Montreuil: stop – Trocadéro)
  • Take another Line 6 –  (from Nation to Charles de Gaulle Etoile: stop – Bir-Hakeim)
  • Line 8  – (from Balard to  Créteil: stop – Ecole Militaire)

Bus Route

                                         Bus Stops
82champ de Mars or Eiffel tower
42tour Eiffel
87Champ de Mars
69Champ de Mars


In this article, we have given an explanation about the  France Eiffel tower, Paris. This is the best entertaining city when it comes to exploring pleasure and fun. There are a variety of restaurants with a fantastic fragrance that will definitely grab your attention.

This place is made for tourism only. It is ranked as tourist favorite spot of destination. France Eiffel tower is not only cultural landmark of the country but it also presents as national pride and honor of the country. You will not only see the France Eiffel tower but also explore the street foods, shopping, attractions nearby the tower. Go and take the beautiful view of the tower.

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