Best Places In San Francisco To Visit

The travel world is full of adventure and excitement, and the San Francisco city is counted as the 3rd most favorite destination among tourist. Places in San Francisco are the first love and attraction for millions of people in the globe. From spending summer vacations with family to best honeymoon places in USA for couples this place is actually something different experience filled with unbelievable and nonstop fun.

We have collected the best data for you easily choose favorite places in San Francisco and start preparing a trip for your coming summers :

Golden gate bridge 

Golden Gate Bridge
  Golden Gate Bridge

The very first and breathtaking attraction of San Francisco is the Golden Gate. This international mark of the San Francisco stands in the mouth of the river connecting pacific ocean and Francisco bay. This orange color bridge represents the seven wonders of the world. From every corner of the globe, there are thousands of lovers of this orange bridge who come and gaze its modern beauty.

Things to do

Go and get lost in the incredible free things in the best places in San Francisco to visit. Must visit these excellent fun things to do in la to explore more thrill.

  • Take a long walk tour in the bridge gazing the rocking view
  • Capture the world of the golden bridge in your camera.
  • Take historical lessons of the golden gate in the guided tours
  • Ride on a bike or bicycle with your friends or family.

Cost – Free

Nearest airport 

  • 31 km away from the San Francisco International Airport
  • 40 km away from the Oakland International Airport

Famous Restaurants 

# Players Sports Grill & Arcade

# Farley Bar

# Murray Circle

#Scoma’s Of Sausalito

#The Warming Hut

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island
Alcatraz Island

While visiting places in San Francisco don’t miss out the historical prison attraction. One of the mysteries and eye-catching islands in the American Nation. The place is the sign of the Spanish American war. Alcatraz is located in the center of the rocky island. This landmark stands as the best places in San Francisco to visit by the tourist. Watch the activities of the well-known prisoners who are captured here. Tourist traveling here also sees this place as the ghost area.

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Things to do 

Explore a very new experience while traveling here. Visit the thrilling and scariest things on Alcatraz Island.

  • Visit the audio and video tours in the island life
  • Get down here with the cruise
  • View the golden gate from the rocky island
  • Explore the historical fun


  • 0-5 years – free
  • 5-11 years – $18-$22.
  • 12-17 years – $30-$37 per

Nearest airport 

  • Oakland Coliseum/Airport Amtrak

Famous restaurants 

# Reed and Greenough

# Norman’s Ice Cream and Freezes

# The Baked Bear

# Eight Am

# Hollywood Cafe

# Surisan

Chinatown in San Francisco

Chinatown SF
  Chinatown SF

Colorful town of China is well known among local and international travelers. After visiting the golden gate and Alcatraz Island this is the third and the most important places in San Francisco to visit. If you have missed this small town then you have not explored the proper adventure and fun in San Francisco. Chinatown is filled with entertainment, special events, cultural events, theatres act fun, sweet and spicy food tour and many more that you will be addicted to this place. There are thousands of tourist population who are attracted with unique beauty. This coolest places in San Francisco and the best shopping destination.

Things to do 

For sure you are going to love these activities in the Chinatown place

  • Enjoy the new year festival with a parade of China
  • See the amazing historical mark of China
  • Go with the wine tour in the various lounges
  • Visit the tien hau temple
  • Shop at the golden gate bakery factory  
  • Take the traditional dresses tour in modern society


Nearest airport

  • San Francisco International Airport

Famous Restaurants

# Begoni Bistro

# Cathay House

# China Live

# Chong Qing Xiao Mian

# Far East Cafe

# Golden Gate Bakery

Ride cable car

Cable Car Ride
  Cable Car Ride

Traveling the entire city with the cable car is the craziest and adventurous ride that one will never forget. This ride is for every age usually kids more love this tour. From rolling hills to busy streets this ride is one of the exciting tours in the places in San Francisco. Per day there are thousands of people taking a tour from this cable ride. This historic transport is the romantic tour and the iconic attractive things in the city.

Cost – $7.00

Nearest airport 

  • Oakland International Airport

Famous restaurants

# Gary Danko

# Liholiho Yacht Club

# Rich table

# Boulevard

# kokkari Estiatorio

# Acquerello

San Francisco Twin Peaks

 Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is the highest mountain that offers a breathtaking view of the entire city. This places in San Francisco is the mind-blowing attraction and the best place to spend the time and capture the city with your eyes. There are thousands of bulbs and colorful lights that lit up the whole city at night. Hike from the top of the peak and see the clear vision of everything. This is well- known peak point which is also known as couples point.

Things to do 

There are plenty of activities in the peak mountains. Let’s take a quick look at the fun things of twin peaks.

  • View the tallest building of 1,070 feet
  • Take photographs of  the amazing blue butterflies
  • Don’t miss the chance to see the other landmarks of the city
  • Gaze the gorgeous view of the sea  from the top
  • See the two peaks “Eureka”(north) and Noe at the south

Nearest  Airport

  • 16 miles away from San Francisco Airport (SFO)

Famous restaurants

# Firefly Restaurant

# Players Sports Grill & Arcade

# Anchor Oyster Bar & Seafood Market

# Zazie

# Hot Cookie

# Frances

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf
  Fisherman’s Wharf

The favorite destination of the tourist in places in San Francisco. These exciting places give plenty of things to its a tourist. Enjoy the variety of events, rich- culture, and the unique lifestyle near water. There are a variety of activities near fisherman’s wharf for friends and family and couples such as pier 39, Ghirardelli square, maritime museum. If you are traveling in the fisherman’s wharf then you will get the best memories for your lifetime.

Things to do 

Come and enjoy the famous attractions and amazing things in the fisherman wharf :

  • See the beautiful fishes dance in the sea.
  • Take an on a  tour of historic ships
  • Eat the variety of seafood in the town
  • Explore the exceptional view of the golden gate, Alcatraz Island
  • Experience The Sea Lion Center

Nearest airport 

  • Oakland International Airport


In this article, we have again come up with heart-pumping and thrilling experiences. I hope you will gonna crazy to visit these places in San Francisco. From hiking to adventurous boat tour, plates of seafood to amazing spots of shopping and from entertainment to unlimited fun because we believe “ travel does not become thrilling and adventurous unless you leave yourself behind. So pack your bag and travel the entire world of San Francisco.

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