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Are you the next to travel Indian place. Come and explore with some best destination  and celebrate the favorite and oldest festival of India, Holi. Holi is the awesome celebration which is filled with plenty of colors and endless fun, yummy gujiyas and bhang.  We have selected the best places for you to celebrate holi festival in India. Firstly, let’s take a look at the story of Holika.

Holika story

holika dahan
Holika Dahan

The legendary king Hiranyakashipu has one son named Prahlad who was a great devotee of Lord Krishna and his father wanted to kill him so, he called her sister “Holika” she has the magic rob. He ordered Prahlad and Holika to sit on the burning fire. The king thought that her sister will not be harmed by the fire. So Prahlad was asking help from the Lord Vishnu and kept praying and Holika was burned. With the end of the devil so, this shows the birth of Holi celebration.

Holi 2019 date

*Starting from the evening of 20th March and ending on 21st March.

Take a look at the best places to celebrate the biggest festival 

Holi in Barsana

lathmar holi 1
Uttar Pradesh

UP city celebrates unique and special holi which is known as“lath barsana”.On this day nandgaon men tease her women with abusive words. Then the women hit his man with the long bamboo stick and begin with the festival.

People throw colors at each one dancing on the street, eating gujiyas and greeting everyone with happy holi. This is the amazing city to celebrate memorable and joyful holi ever. So make your trip on this city to make holi festival in India.

Holi in Mathura


Holi is the biggest part of Mathura and Vrindavan. It is the birth city of Lord Krishna so,  people of Mathura celebrate holi before one week in the dwarkadheesh temple. You will enjoy the whole environment inside the temple filled with love and colors.

Not only the domestic people love playing holi festival but there are also international lovers for this festival. Travel this amazing city to celebrate the famous Holi festival in India.

Holi in Delhi


Holi in the capital city is celebrated in a very beautiful and fun way. On this special day, people exchange sweets such as gujjias city holds lovely performances, parties, dance, bhang and make everyone on a holi mood. They wear white clothes and greet everyone with Tilak.

To celebrate your best holi festival in India this is the another fun loving, crazy city you will explore at the time of the grand carnival. South areas are the safest and filled with love and enjoyment.

 Holi in Punjab


Punjab is another mind-blowing city that celebrates the holi festival with a unique style. At the beginning of the celebrating festival, they first visit gurudwara.  Then there are people gathered in the grounds with laughs and shouts.

Perform different activities showing their physical power such as horse rising with a flag, dance, wrestling, martial arts etc. At the end of the program Sweets, halwa, pooris gujjias, chole are distributed in the streets. You can also visit the holi festival in India in this amazing city.

Holi in Udaipur


This is known as the royal city of India. Every Indian city celebrates holi in their unique way so as this city too. At the night before holi, the royal families in Udaipur start the festival with Holika Dahan. They not only celebrate holi with colors but also with flowers, different folk dances are also performed. Women make thandai, sweets, Dahi Bhalla’s at their homes. There is a more international crowd in the city while holi. The amazing spot to celebrate holi festival in India.

Holi in Mumbai


Mumbai is called a city of entertainment so, they make the holi celebration in the Bollywood manner. Actors have their blasting holi parties in beautiful hotels and resorts with beers, thandais, a variety of sweets, dance party, playing old and new songs on holi and wish each one as holi hai!.

If you are planning for this city for holi celebration then your holi will be in modern Bollywood style. The iconic holi celebration spot with lots of love and crazy fun.

Holi in West Bengal


Bengal people call holi on different names as  Dol Purnima, Dol Jatra and Swing Festival. This is another fully traditional and amazing cities that will make your day with exciting memories and unlimited fun. Both men and women wear their traditional dresses and celebrate holi. Performing live shows on Bengali songs and Hindi songs. The group of people go for the yatra taking the beautifully decorated Radha and Krishna on the palanquins and visit the temples and corner of states.

Holi in Karnataka


South cities celebrate holi in a very decent manner. They do not play holi with full energetic style as you will notice in other cities of India.  South people avoid heavy colors and looking for more safer holi. They celebrate holi festival early morning in the temples and afterward they move to the river to wash off their colors. Looking for safer and decent holi then the city will offer you the best holi experience. Explore the beautiful destination in March and be a part of the Holi festival in India.

Famous Food 


Taste the finger licking food with delicious flavor and fragrance at the time of Holi celebration 

  • Gujiya
  • Ras Malai
  • Malpua
  • Dahi Bhalla’s
  • Kesari Malai Peda
  • Puran Poli
  • Bhaang laddoos
  • Mattar Kheer
  • Papri Chaat
  • Chana Masala
  • Kachori
  • Dahi- Vada

Safety Tips

safety tips
  • Play with light colors such as Gulal, Pink, yellow
  • Do not use water balloons
  • Wear old and decent clothes on the occasion
  • Keep the colors away from your mouth and eyes.
  • Use quality colors and avoid sprays and glitters, it will affect your skin.
  • Take less amount of alcohol and bhang while driving
  • Keep way the food from the colors.
  • Apply cream or oil before using colors.
  • Oil the hairs properly and avoid dry hairs.
  • Watch your child activities and always keep an eye
  • Try saving more water


I hope you may find your ideal holi celebration in these awesome places. This time make your trip and celebrate holi festival in India with different culture and rituals. Enjoy the favorite festival food that will blow you away. Pick your favorite holi destination and make it unforgettable memories ever. Wishing you all the safe and eco-friendly holi from Travelcityz.  

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